Tenants of the State

The Limitations of Revolutionary Agrarian Transformation in Ethiopia, 1974-1991

Teketel Abebe Kebede

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Teketel Abebe Kebede’s study deals with the agrarian reforms and
policies of the military regime in Ethiopia, in the period of its rule
between 1974 and 1991. It is a descriptive and qualitative study of a
set of agrarian policies, and it seeks to establish the unrealized
potential of the early and basic reforms, such as the 1975 land reform,
as well as the limitations of subsequent policies of collectivization,
compulsory villagization and resettlement, and centralized command
procurement. An empirical case study of the effects of one of the
policies, the villagization program, is undertaken.

The study seeks to place the description and analysis of the agrarian
policies into a number of relevant contexts: forms of peasant
cooperation and state policy disincentives on the one hand, and the
exigencies of prolonged war and rural conflict on agrarian policies on
the other; theoretical perspectives and debates on subjects such as
agrarian transformation, peasantry, state agrarian intervention and
state–peasant relations; historical and politico-ideological contexts,
including the nature and outcomes of the agrarian policies of the
military regime.

The author stresses the need for relatively autonomous peasant
organizations and the further democratization of rural and agrarian
social relations. Finally, the study affirms the historical and structural
inseparability of the state and the peasantry in predominantly agrarian
societies; a relationship which now has to be re-established on the
basis of popular democratic mutual engagement.

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