On the Road

Studies in Honour of Lars Larsson

Kristina Jennbert

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Travel can take us to new places, but also to new knowledge. We can travel in time as well as in space, and travelling is by no means solely a phenomenon belonging to the present.

The fifty-three articles in "On the road" illustrate the complexities of the concept of travel.

Articles in Near Places deal with important places near Lund in southern Sweden. Far Away Places takes us to Europe as well as other parts of the globe. Archaeology as a discipline provides opportunities for us to reflect upon the relationship between the present and the past. This relationship is explored in the section entitled In the Present.

Archaeologists often find themselves travelling in the past and to the past; in fact these are perhaps their most common modes. The articles in the concluding sections The Mesolithic past, The Neolithic Past, The Bronze Age Past and The Iron Age Past invite us to follow on journeys to distant times and places.

On the Road is a book about travels and about travellers. The book contains articles written to honour Lars Larsson, Professor of Archaeology at Lund University, Sweden, upon the occasion of his 60th birthday.

Lars Larsson is a scholar who has been particularly active in establishing and maintaining contact with colleagues and departments worldwide. He has personally led projects in Sweden as well as in different parts of Africa and in Portugal, and his travels have taken him to every continent except the Antarctic.

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