Governance Made to Order

Legacies of Revolution and Expansion

Xiaolin Guo

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A different kind of critique, Governance Made to Order explores ideas that shape politics. The book focuses on the modern states developed in China and Burma, in contrast to the ones in Europe and America – each commensurate with a specific way of life and a dominant political philosophy that is regionally distinct. The idiosyncrasies of governance discussed debunk the logic of international interventionism bent on effecting “regime change” in conformity with a single universal model of governance.

Incorporating area studies of state and society, the author draws attention to the historical role that market expansion played in precipitating the reconfiguration of public authority and the formation of nations in Europe. The same forces of change brought the West into contact with the East, before setting in motion the globalisation of the world economy. The book argues that the transformation of things that followed, albeit topsy-turvy at times, has altered little the fundamentals of governance.

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