Diversity in Education

Crossing cultural, disciplinary and professional divides

Naoko Tojo

261 SEK


International and interdisciplinary programmes for students from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds entail many benefits—perhaps the most essential is learning how to work with people holding different perspectives. However, they also bring many challenges.

How can we support students from abroad, both inside and beyond the classroom? How can we equip students from diverse backgrounds with basic knowledge in different academic disciplines? How can we design effective courses for these students? Which pedagogical approaches can we use? How can we facilitate group work among these students? How do we follow up with students after they graduate?

Diversity in Education explores the challenges of interdisciplinary international programmes at Lund University. In this book, lecturers, administrators and students tell how they have faced and overcome these challenges. By sharing the concrete experiences of designers and implementers of interdisciplinary programmes for international students, we hope to improve learning for all!

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