Cultural Studies and the Politics of Everyday Life

Essays by Peter Dahlgren, Lars Nilsson, Bo Reimer, Monica Rudberg, Kenneth Thompson, Paul Willis. Introductory comments by Ron Eyerman and Mats Trondman

José F. Pacheco

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The study of culture has been at the centre of many academic disciplines during the recent decades. Since the beginning of the Sixties, Cultural Studies is one of the leading fields in cultural research, focusing on questions such as ways of life, everyday life, and popular culture. In an ever-changing world, global and multicultural, Cultural Studies, as an academic discipline, must adapt to new situations. Within the fields of study which remain important, and change its shape continuously, are that of people’s everyday lives and that of the media and culture industry. Here we deal with rich contradictory processes, concerning public and private questions, state and market regulations, and all the time the fields of politics and culture are at the centre.
This forms the background to the present volume – Cultural Studies and the Politics of Everyday Life – where an international group of scholars discusses two main themes: Politics, Media and the Public Sphere, dealing with questions such as citizenship and identity, individualisation processes, and the role of the media in the regulation of people’s everyday lives. In the second theme, Culture in Everyday Life, issues concerning art, time, and space, young male love experiences, and cultural commodities in contemporary society are presented.

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