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New Research in the Mesolithic-Neolithic Zvejnieki Cementery and Environment, North Latvia

Lars Larsson

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Zvejnieki is situated on Lake Burtnieki in northern Latvia. The site includes a Stone Age cemetery and two corresponding settlement sites. Excavations were directed by the archaeologist Dr. Francis Zagorskis in the 1960s and 1970s. The Zvejnieki cemetery is one of the largest in northern Europe in terms of the number of burials and the duration of its use, spaning a period of five millenia (7500-2600 BC).

The cemetery still affords many opportunities for resolving various questions relating to Stone Age. The publication includes articles by seventeen specialists from seven countries, illustrating the importance of the site and the potential for archaeological and palaeoenvironmental studies. Aspects of the environment and its change during the long use of the site and the faunal remains are presented.

The cemetery at Zvejnieki is excellent for both synchronic and diachronic analyses. The large number of skeletons provides an exceptional basis for studies of the characterisation of physical development, health profile changes, dental analysis, and isotope analysis and palaeodemographic statistics.

The graves yield ample information about mortuary practices concerning the treatment of the body at burial and grave goods of different materials. The finds and features are also excellent for comparative studies. All these perspectives are presented in this collection of articles.

Tryckår: 2006
Hårdband, illustrerad i s/v, 336 s.

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