The European Social Dialogue in Perspective

Its future potential as an autopoietic system and lessons from the global maritime system of industrial relations

Ann-Christine Hartzén

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This book considers the role of systems of industrial relations in the shaping of an equal society. Historically, it is possible to see that the societies considered to be amongst the more equal and also having stable economic developments have well developed and relatively strong systems of collective bargaining and industrial relations. Following the effects of globalisation, national regulations and systems of industrial relations seem to loose capacity for dealing with the consequences efficiently. There seems to be a need for international systems of industrial relations to deal with the effects of globalisation. This book explores the European Social Dialogue and its potential to secure future developments where working conditions are part of the factors that are improved as economic development moves on. As a source of inspiration the International Transport Workers’ Flag of Convenience campaign is used as an example to learn from. Summing up there might be potential for developments within the European Social Dialogue, but most likely such developments require a change of the political winds across the EU.

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