KETF40 Process Calculations and Reactor Calculations

For Environmental Engineering

Per Warfvinge

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Regardless if you want to do calculations for natural systems like lakes, forests, and wetlands, or if you’re trying to do calculations for industrial processes like a waste water treatment plant, a chemical reactor or a distillation column, you will first need to write down mass balances for the system. This compendium explains how you choose a suitable system boundary, perform a degree of freedom analysis, write down mass balances and combine them with reaction kinetics and reactor models, all with the overall aim at allowing you to describe environmental and industrial systems in such a way that you can simulate their behaviour mathematically.

After the initial introductions of the concepts the compendium continues with dispersion in porous media, transport in porous media and bioreaction engineering.

This compendium was designed and written by Per Warfvinge specifically for the Environmental Engineering program at Lund University. Per retired in 2022, but has been kind enough to allow us to continue to use and develop the course material he developed.

Compared to course material that was used at our department in other courses at the time, a substantial difference was that Per focused on extracting the essence of the subject matter, focusing on the underlying principles and building on the capabilities of mathematical computer software (such as matlab) to solve large linear equation systems and differential equation systems rather than forcing students to do long and tedious calculations by hand. Today computer software exists that can address way more complicated problems, but to be able to use such computer software you need to understand the underlying principles and that is where this compendium will help you.

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