Excellent MSc Dissertations 2017

Media and Communication Studies, Lund University

Tobias Linné

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This publication, the second in a series, showcases a selection of seven excellent postgraduate dissertations, written by the community of students that graduated in June 2017 from the MSc in Media and Communication Studies at Lund University, Sweden.

The contributions in this volume each shine a light on the many different roles that media plays in people’s lives. They also demonstrate how without a situated approach to the study of media, culture and communication that recognizes the specificity of particular social and cultural contexts, we cannot understand the complexities of the phenomena studied. This volume explores a wide range of topics, including how algorithmic interactions influence our daily lives, how journalists separate work from free time in an age of increased digitalization, how mediated memories shape contemporary discourses about migration, how solidarity and mourning is expressed collectively online, how patriarchal structures can be challenged by people sharing their stories in social media, how neo-liberalism threatens access to political information crucial for democratic society or how climate sceptics framing of climate science inhibits initiatives to combat anthropogenic climate change.

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