Excellent MSc Dissertations 2018

Media and Communication Studies, Lund University

Lestarini Saraswati Hapsoro

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This edited volume, Excellent MSc Dissertations 2018, is the third in the series that brings a selection of eight postgraduate dissertations, written by the students who undertook the MSc degree in Media and Communication at Lund University, in Sweden and graduated in June 2018. During the Masters Programme in Lund, students develop their curiosity for global issues that concern us all and are trained theoretically and methodologically for two years to ask critical questions and explore the place, the role and the use of media in people’s lives. The thesis is the opportunity for the students to discover their passion for research, to be creative and original in their research design and to seek answers for the burning question that they are curious to find out.

The studies in this volume draw our attention to the multi-faceted media use and production in people’s everyday life that impacts political, social, economic and cultural structures. The authors in this volume stand out by their critical approach to media production and audience engagement. The chapters talk to each other within two underlying threads. The first one examines issues concerning politics, power and inequality through investigating both traditional and new media practices. The second thread delves into the place of media practices in social and cultural processes, exploring the nexus between identity, the self, the family as well as the wider society we live in.

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