Changing Borders

Contemporary Positions in Intermediality

Jens Arvidson

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Contemporary art and literature are marked by an increased intermedial interest. Perhaps as a result of this there is a growing amount of academic research being done on intermedial grounds, inside and outside the “proper” interart institutions. It could be argued that contemporary academic inquiries are being pushed forward by the wave of (a renewed) interest in mixing the genres and media in a veritable expression of the dream of the Sister Arts. Or should one argue that contemporary art and literature are striving to, once and for all, bury the dream of the loving relationship between the arts?

In Changing Borders. Contemporary Positions in Intermediality, 21 reputable scientists present new reflections in the field of intermediality. They investigate intermedial relations between arts and media in a number of forms, including illustrated books, ekphrastic literature, music-and-word relations, record sleeves, mathematics-and-aesthetics relations, architecture, film-and-literature relations, opera, theatre, and theoretical discussions on intermedia studies.

The contributors are: Jens Arvidson, Walter Bernhart, Magnar Breivik, Jørgen Bruhn, Siglind Bruhn, Claus Clüver, Heidrun Führer, Lena Hopsch, Els Jongeneel, Sonia Lagerwall, Eva Lilja, Kathleen Lundeen, Arne Melberg, Stephanie A. Glaser, Sarah J. Paulson, Nils Holger Petersen, Valerie Robillard, Eli Rozik, Bernhard F. Scholz, Johan Stenström, and Ulrich Weisstein.

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